Static Lighting Tower

Link Tower

Power upto 4 additional Link lights in series from a single power source
The LinkTower is an individual lighting system that has little competition.

Quite simply the LinkTower bears all the features and benefits of a standard tower floodlight but with the added benefit of being able to safely link together, resulting in a row of powerful lighting sets all from one power source – mains or generator. Illumination is from a 7m vertical, manually operated, stainless steel mast.

The LinkTower can be deployed at shows, events, construction sites and on the UK rail network. The LinkTower should not be considered as a lightweight piece of equipment – this is a substantial item of plant – designed to work on most types of outdoor contracts.

The LinkTower has confirmed its individuality by being patented – patent no. PCT/IT04/00832.


  • A unique linkable lighting system – dispensing with the need for individual lights with separate power sources
  • Up to four LinkTowers can be linked together and powered from a single power source – lighting up a massive area with just one generator.
  • It is easy and cost-effective to transport – six LinkTowers will fit on one standard truck.
  • The LinkTower can be set up and deployed by a single person saving time and manpower
  • There is a choice of lighting styles – halogen or metal halide lamps.
  • The LinkTower is fitted with forklift pockets for easy manoeuvrability and armoured cabling is available for secure connections.
  • Model: Linktower 7m
  • Floodlights: 4X400W metal halide
  • Close dimension: 1200x800x2330mm
  • Open dimension: 1800x1400x7000mm
  • Weight: 244 Kg