A top-notch enterprise in the State of Qatar, serving key sectors mainly engineering, constructions, cleaning etc. In view of the emerging progress & developments in the State of Qatar, ANDYMAN has the expertise to offer high tech solutions in Qatar. The main objective of ANDYMAN is to serve the Qatari market with high-tech rope access, access equipment, cleaning services and construction which works up to the international standards that meets its clients expectations in Qatar.

To be the best service organization in the industry with world class standards of Engineering, Constructions, Cleaning etc.

To make world class Engineering, Constructions and cleaning a way of life within the company.
To create a working environment in which our work force can achieve job satisfaction and career development.
To provide our clients professional services with the most qualified people and equipment.
To manage the company on a sound and professional financial basis in order to achieve the best reasonable return on investment.

Engineering, Constructions and Cleaning must come first in everything we do in our business.
We will conduct our business at all times with integrity, transparency, strong ethical values and a commitment to serve. We will abide by the laws of the land.
We believe that the most important asset of this company is its employees. Trust, respect, fairness and dignity shall be how we treat each other within the spirit of working together.