A robust design 10m Lighting Tower which is ideal for various applications including construction sites and public events, where a power supply is available.

The CTF is easy to transport and deploy, and its compact design allows for up to 24 units to be delivered on a truck.


  • Galvanized sections
  • 10m maximum height
  • 4 stabilizers
  • High wind speed resistance
  • Manual lifting system
  • Mast rotatable by hand through 360°
  • Electric coiled power cable
  • Available with halogen, metal halide or LED heads
  • Lifting points for crane or forklift
  • Stainless steel lifting cables
  • Robust base frame ideal for construction job sites
  • Compact transport dimensions, 24 towers can be loaded on a truck
  • 450Kg of weight
  • Powder coating paint, high resitance against corrosion
  • Model: CTF 10m MH
  • Floodlights: 4 X 1000W Metal Halide
  • Close dimension: 2567 x 1100 x 1100mm
  • Open dimension: 10000 x 2328 x 2326mm
  • Weight: 450 Kg