Award Winning Powerful Site Lighting

The VT-1 is very quiet and ideally suited for use at outdoor events, yet burly enough to stand up to the harshness of modern construction sites.

The transportation of the VT-1 is cost effective – its unique design means that a transport firm can deliver up to ten sets on one standard 12m vehicle.

The VT-1 can be fitted to a road tow undercarriage with approved certification for transportation in the UK, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

The highly successful, award winning, VT-1 has been a massive seller worldwide, lighting up construction sites and outside events, throughout Europe, Australasia, South Africa and the Middle East.

The VT-1 has whisper quiet noise levels (just 65 dBA at 7m) and a long run fuel tank, which makes it ideally suited for outside events, site lighting in construction and highway contracts, as well as for mines, car parks, industrial sites, airports, warehouses and pedestrian areas at public events.

It is also ideal for providing proper illumination in civil protection situations


  • Maximum height 9m
  • Galvanized telescopic mast
  • 4 x Height adjustable galvanized stabilizers
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • 340 degree mast rotation by hand
  • Certified wind proof up to 80Km/h
  • Electrical coiled cable contained inside
  • On/Off swiches one for each lamp
  • 4 floodlights 1000W metal halide (JM version)
  • 4 floodlights 1000W halogen (AL version)
  • Lamps complete with bulb
  • For simple maintenance electrical device for floodlights placed at base of tower
  • In case of damage to hydraulic system, safety manual pump enables lowering of the tower
  • Structure assembled on slow trailer not homologated
  • 116 litres long run fuel tank
  • Bunded tank to avoid fuel spillage on the ground
  • Central lifting hook
  • 9KVA super silent generating set 90Lwa 1500rpm
  • Kubota engine diesel
  • 3KVA – 230V outlet with ELCB protection
  • No. of hours run time: Over 60
  • Model: Superlight VT-1 9m MH
  • Floodlights: 4X1000W metal halide
  • Close dimension: 3400x1550x2330mm
  • Open dimension: 3450x1850x9000mm
  • Weight: 1115 Kg