VT-1 Eco

Award Winning Powerful Site Lighting

The principal feature of the VT-1 Eco is an advanced light detection sensor and auto stop/start mechanism that automatically switches on the unit when the ambient light has descended to a predetermined level. In reverse, the sensor will close down the lighting set when sufficient brightness rises.

This completely alleviates the need to employ a team of operatives, travelling from site to site, manually starting and stopping each individual lighting set, at night and in the morning.

Combining the two factors of less personnel travelling to site and lighting sets in operation only when it is dark, Generac has calculated that reduced pollution levels of up to 30% could be achieved, representing a significant proportion of overall carbon usage reduction.


  • Starts automatically when it goes dark
  • 9kva Generator
  • 9 meter hydraulic galvanized mast
  • Fully adjustable stabilizers for safe erection and continuous use.
  • 360° turntable – for safe lighting coverage
  • Simple to operate, all controls are easily accessible and secured away from unauthorized access.
  • A hydraulic security valve is fitted- meaning that the mast can be safely lowered if the engine fails or the battery is stolen.
  • VT1 Eco is fully bunded for all oil and water.
  • 4 stabilizers – adjustable in height
  • 30% Fuel saving from the Auto start and stop sensor
  • 4kva extra auxiliary available when the lights are running
      • Model: VT-1 Eco 9m MH
      • Floodlights: 4X1000W Metal Halide
      • Close dimension: LxWxH 3400 x 1550 x 2330mm
      • Open dimension: LxWxH 3400 x 1850 x 2000mm
      • Weight: 1115 Kg
      • Fuel Tank capacity: 116 litres
      • Single phase voltage: 10kVA – 240V
      • Engine Type: Kubota Diesel D1105
      • Power: 13,7HP
      • RPM: 1500
      • Noise Level: 88 Lwa