Compact and Easy to use

The VT-2 is a very compact, versatile lighting tower, featuring a 7m vertical, manually operated mast coupled to a useful 6.0kVA super-silenced diesel generator. It is fitted with four 400-watt metal halide lamps, with secure and adjustable height stabilisers – all tested in wind speeds of 80km/h.

The VT-2 is ideally suited for rental firms considering entering into the lucrative metal halide market, but may be discouraged,

principally because of the perception that many current lighting models are large and cumbersome, requiring specialist transport and significant storage areas.

The VT-2 is the correct lighting set for small and medium sized construction projects and outside events. It is also ideal for providing proper illumination in some civil protection situations.

The VT-2 is extremely light and mobile, with options for site or road tow facilities and is available with a number of environmentally beneficial features and benefits including;


  • A fully bunded fuel tank
  • The fuel tank can be fitted with a unique fuel float system which ensures that only clean fuel is used
  • resulting in fewer site breakdowns and less service engineers on the road
  • Enhanced soundproofing and noise reduction
  • helping to lower residual site noise pollution
  • Maximum height 7meters
  • Low fuel shutdown
  • Useable by a single operator
  • 6kva Yanmar Silent diesel generator
  • 31 Litre Fuel Tank
  • Model: VT-2 7m MH
  • Floodlights: 4X400W metal halide
  • Close dimension: 1300x1000x2260mm
  • Open dimension: 2280x1440x7000mm
  • Weight: 385 Kg