They are designed not to cause any damage to vehicles. KerbStopper Buffers give the drivers a clear warning that their rear wheels are parked correctly. They are supplied with Pre-drilled holes for concrete or asphalt installations.

The KerbStoppers reduce the risk of accidental damage to columns, concrete pillars and lighting columns, etc. KerbStopper Buffers are manufactured in solid rubber for a tough service life. The product absorbs impact and quickly recovers back to its original shape when the load is removed.

Kerbstopper Buffers are cut to the exact size to suit your site plus or minus 10 mm.
The product can be delivered in an all black rubber finish recommended for car parking, or black with a bright yellow stripe, the correct hazard warning colours.

Sizes available :

[ultimatetables 4 /]

Overall dimensional Tolerances ± 5 %
•All Dimensions in mm
•Available in Both Solid and Hollow Types
•Available in variable lengths