Corner guards are designed to give drivers the maximum visibility using black and yellow stripes, the correct hazard warning colours. The solid rubber buffer’s wrap-around design protects your property corners, columns and entrances that are exposed to vehicle and warehouse traffic.
The corners guards can be securely fitted to concrete or brickwork, plain or plastered.
Our corner guards come in options of all-black rubber extrusion and/or with illuminated yellow strips on both arms of the guards.
Our corner guards are designed to take the impact from vehicular hits. While the metal retainers protect the concrete wall against impact, the rubber protects the vehicles from getting damaged.

Ismat corner guards come in a wide range to suit specific requirements.


With metal backup sheet:

  • Fix the metal backup plate on the wall by drilling 6 holes in a ‘Z’ format (Diagonally opposite).
  • Fasten with GI screw and rawl plug M6 x 40 mm
  • Slide the rubber profile over the fixed metal sheet to complete the fixing process.

Without metal backup sheet:

Fix using a combination of epoxy adhesive and mechanical fasteners ( GI flat screw ) size between 4-6 mm as per desired lengths.

Sizes available:

[ultimatetables 1 /]

Standard lengths:  1 meter , 1.2 meter and 1.5 meters